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imagine if you were born with the knowledge of your soulmate’s name but it was a really common name like chris

sherlock’s constantly annoyed that his soulmate has one of the most common names on earth

john’s annoyed because how is he ever going to find someone named sherlock?

"Do you know how many men are named ‘John’, Mycroft?

"Do you honestly think ‘Greg’ is any easier to find?"







Watch this video from Cadillac. Note a few things (actor, white, rich guy, workaholic, typical cocky American, very unrealistic). This is not a parody video, they’re being completely serious.

Now watch Ford’s response.

I can’t explain it very well just please watch both of these videos okay Ford burns Cadillac so bad okay it’s so good.

"That’s the upside of giving a damn."

You better hope winter is coming, bitch. You’re gonna need it for that burn.

Holy SHIT.

Ford fucking laying down the damn law.

Ha! Go Ford.

Oh my god, FORD

Another cool thing is that the woman in the Ford commercial isn’t an actress. She’s Pashon Murray, co-founder of Detroit Dirt. And she’s awesome. 

(Source: nurdelingarchive)

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